Connect to the Catalog of Austrian Biobanks

Retrieve data

The catalog features a RESTful architecture, where a JSON-representation of resources (currently biobanks and sample collections) can be retrieved by anyone who knows the unique URI of the requested resource.

The basic URI-patterin is

By using this URI-pattern anyone with a browser (or any other client capable of sending HTTP-GET requests) can retrieve data from the catalog.

Some examples for the applied URI-pattern:
For convenience the REST-interface also offers the following URI-patterns:

Send data

Following to the REST-philosophy, the same URIs can also be used to store, update, and delete information in the catalog.

By accessing a resource-URI with HTTP-POST or HTTP-PUT, JSON-encoded biobanks and collections can be inserted or updated, and with HTTP-DELETE they can be deleted.

All these operation require an access account with adequate permissions. Contact us.


Additionally you can upload your information into the biobank by providing an Excel-sheet like this one.

This operation requires an access account with adequate permissions. Contact us.