Catalogue of Austrian Biobanks is developing a "Catalogue of Austrian Biobanks" which shall provide an overview of the Austrian Biobanks and their collections of biomaterial and interrelated data. Providing insight for researchers into the contents of biobanks is an important step towards a biobanking research infrastructure. Toggle details ...

The level of detail on the information on biobanks will be increased in a step wise manner during the funding period of
  • In the first level basic information on biobanks were provided (completed).
  • The second level contained information on collections and sub-collections (studies), along with grouped sample information (this version).
  • The third level contains information on individual samples and the associated donor-related information as well as molecular data generated by analysis of samples (planned).
The second version of this catalogue is now available and contains information on biobanks, collections and grouped sample data.

Biobank Graz

The mission of Biobank Graz is to support research on the cause of diseases and the development of improvements in disease diagnosis and treatment.
Contact:Berthold Huppertz

MUI Biobank

The Medical University of Innsbruck has established several independent decentralized collections of diverse biomaterials that are approved by the local ethics committee.
Contact:Georg Göbel

MedUni Wien Biobank

The MedUni Wien Biobank considers itself as a link between basic and clinical research with the aim of enhancing research opportunities into emerging biomarkers and therapy strategies.
Contact:Helmuth Haslacher

VetBioBank Wien

The VetBiobank aims to achieve a comprehensive collection of high quality animal tumor tissue. A second priority is the archivation of reference tissues of a wide range of species.
Contact:Ingrid Walter